Once a snoozer, now a morning Virtuoso– armed with wit and a caffeinated battle plan to conquer the day!

For me waking up early was like composing a haiku poem for the day – it’s short, sweet, and sometimes you need a second cup of coffee to get the rhythm right…but now…

This isn’t a regular blog but just the ways my life style & circumstances have altered…

* Waking up early introduced me to the stealthy operative called “consistency.” Suddenly, my body’s internal clock (a.k.a. the circadian rhythm) decided to be on speaking terms with me. This rendezvous with regular sleep and improved health was like getting a VIP pass to the wellness club!

* Ever caught the sunrise’s smirk? Early mornings are like the universe’s best-kept secret. When the world is still snoozing, I’m up, nodding at the sunrise with a knowing grin, boosting my vitamin D production and brightening my mood.

*Dawn hours kicked stress and morning rush out my door. It’s like having a backstage pass to the stress-free zone. No more frantically hunting for socks. Instead, I’m choosing the right outfit and walking out with keys in hand! I can face the day without the frantic energy that accompanies last-minute preparations.

*Fresh perspectives are when my entrepreneurial ideas sparkle. It’s the window of time where I brainstorm, plan, and lay the foundation for my business dreams. This fuels my creative fires, guiding me to shape and refine my business endeavors.

*Sunrise time unveil my pet’s secret ambition: the role of the ultimate morning host.  I get the privilege of being the audience while my dog takes center stage on our morning walk, making sure to give every tree and squirrel their five seconds of fame. It’s a bonding experience that never fails to bring a smile to my face! (This is a routine that keeps on giving.)🐶  🐾 

So go ahead, whether you choose to rise with the sun or dance with the stars, prioritize quality sleep like it’s the best party invite ever. After all, in this tale of early mornings and well-rested nights, you’re the protagonist – the one who chooses how to script the story of your own wellness journey. So, here’s to the snoozers and the risers, the dreamers and the planners, the late-night snackers and the breakfast champions. May your slumbers be sound, your mornings be bright, and your days be filled with all the energy and zest that a well-rested you deserves.

Cheers to your unique rhythm, and may it bring harmony, vitality, and a few extra chuckles along the way! 🌅🛌💤


Hears to good nights rest,